Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poem by Angie Nistler...

The Bed Swing

Chained between two oak trees
On a wooded bank
There is a special place
Overlooking handy Hank's

It is a family treasure
The stories all run deep
All those years of fun
Are memories to keep

The joy that it provided us
Lasted nearly 30 years
From times of soothing comfort
To those that caused some tears

With hurt, stress or fear
When trouble comes my way
This place is in my heart
To this very day

It is the fondest time
Of my childhood
Returning to that time
Thinking that I could

It always drew me back
To get another look
Holding on real tight
Like a sturdy hook

The day I did return
To see if it was there
Noticing it wasn't
Decided that I dare

Reaching toward the chain
Grown into the tree
Needing just a touch
A piece falling free

Tightly in my hand
Lied a rusty piece
Of that lasting memory
Of times that will not cease

On this cool autumn day
It seemed meant to be
The memories would hold
in this lock without a key

Of those happy times
That will always give a ring
Of laughter fun and peace.....On the Bed Swing....


  1. Wonderful poem Angela, and it truly brought back many memories! I sure hope you still have that rusty piece of a memory! Thanks much for the walk back to a truly unbelievable time of our lives!!

    PS Keep writing're good!

  2. Oh Wow. I just checked the sisters blog and saw this. Trying not to be too critical of my own writing so thanks for the comment because I've just now been bringing more out of hiding. Many more ski themed and northwoods poetry written in my first leater journal Margie made.
    One of my latest interests in mushroom photograpy. Is that weird? If not, would like to share some on the sisters blog sometime
    (if only I knew how) May have to have Anner give me a lesson.

  3. What a lovely poem. Loved and could relate totally with your story (poem). Tess

  4. that was a very nice poem you wrote Angie.
    I was on facebook thinking you might be on there and i came across this me sometime