Monday, March 8, 2010

Launching Vintage Stalkers Etsy Store

Stalkers? It's not a bad word when it comes to locating that perfect vintage piece.

There are a couple of definitions which are: someone who walks with long stiff strides or someone who stalks wild game or yet another one is someone who prowls and sneaks about. I prefer....gals who are browsing at junk shops in a relaxed manner while on the prowl for awesome vintage finds. No worries...there is enough to go around for everybody. Look at what people throw out these days. We just happen to have an eye for the good stuff and for the current trends in vintage. Plus we are saving these items from the landfill and creating a new use for them.

'wire egg basket'

So, since we are doing this vintage stalking anyway we decided to set up shop and sell some of our wonderful finds. The sisters have been at this for years and like I mentioned in a previous post it is in our DNA strand structure. We all have our own styles of what we like...I happen to love vintage ski items, old books and funky containers. When I am out scouting around I pick what appeals to me be it a color, a particular material or something nostalgic that brings back memories.

'some of my favorite books'

That is what it is all about. Sure there are plenty of places you can find "new" items that are made to look old but we think it is more fun to find the "real old stuff". There is always something out there from the past that was made so well and still has life in it. It may show signs of wear and tear, have rust all over it or have dents and dings but that is what makes it look so awesome.

Let us....vintage stalkers be your personal pickers for funky and fun items. You don't have to do the work! We will help those lost vintage items find a new life in your home! You can find a new purpose for an old item.....

'tile made in England'

So...take a minute and check out our new shop...and check back often since you never know what we will find!

Until next time......

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Branigan Weavers Tweed Irish Teddy Bear

Please use your imagination and think...."Irish Accent"

Failte! My name is Kevin the Irish Tweed Teddy Bear and I immigrated to the United States from Drogheda which is in County Louth Ireland. I come from a wonderful place called Branigan Weavers where they take great care in creating woven capes, blankets and other woolen wonders like me!

My new house mate visited Ireland but did not stop in my town and I asked "Why?" Her excuse was that she and her sister only had two weeks for their trip and they wanted to see as much of Ireland as possible. She was sorry they missed my region but she did say that they managed to drive all the way around the entire island without killing each other...which I didn't quite understand being a loving and carefree teddy bear and all.

I told my house mate that the next time she is in Ireland she better high tail it up to Drogheda because there are many wonderful things to see and do. They missed seeing the Brú na Bóinne Visitor Center and Newgrange tomb which dates back to 2900 B.C. meaning it is 5,000 years old (500 years older than the Great Pyramid of Giza). What were they thinking when they missed that wonderful gem? My head is full of stuffing and I even figured that one out!

She promised she would stop there next time. In 2012 they are having a celebration in Belfast which will commemorate the building of the Titanic in their city. The Titanic set sail from Belfast on April 10th 1912 and if you know anything about history you know the fate of her voyage. Anyway, if she can make it to Ireland again she said she will swing by Drogheda....I hope she does.

Just between you guys and me....I think they were in the pubs drinking a bit of that wonderful brew that we all know and love!

P.S. You might not hear from me again as a guest blogger since my housemate might be upset that I gave away what they were REALLY doing in Ireland!

P.S.S. Do the words Bushmill's Distillery have any meaning? see I told ya...they were a little distracted....I won't say another word...

P.S.S.S. I know I am pink and my name is Kevin...I just want you to know I am ok with my feminine side! It is 2010 people!

So long....Kevin