Thursday, February 4, 2010

DISCOVERY! Scientists Isolate the "Vintage Gene" after studying the Johnstone Clan....

Vintage=the endless pursuit of going through thrift shops, junk stores, antique stores (not the tidy and clean ones), consignment shops, pole barns owned by the local eccentrics who know their junk (the messier the better), yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, auctions...repeat, repeat, repeat!

To find the good stuff you have to put in the effort and do some 'diggin'. I come from a line of "Vintage People". It is funny how this term makes all of the 'rooting around in junk' sound so much better! We aren't hoarders....we are 'Vintage Collectors'. Sounds so sophisticated doesn't it? Lucky for me I have received a lot of my vintage goodies without any of the dirty work.

When I was a youngster we used to stop by the local flea market near our lake cabin. If we were lucky we got to "stop for just a minute" after our Sunday ritual of church in Motley Minnesota. I have a confession...I am so sorry for I have sinned....ding a ling a ling....I was thinking about the darn 'flea market' the whole time I was in church. Sorry Mom. It is all Dad's fault!

At the time I don't think my Mom was that into it but we all loved it! We would get a dollar or so and we could search around for a good find. In my last post I was wondering how my son got into vintage...hmmmmmm....that is a good one. Ya don't have to be a 'rocket scientist' to figure that one out.

Eventually my Mom came around and a let me tell you, she has an eye for the really good stuff. I often thought she should have been an interior decorator or a fashion designer!

Check out the latest Vogue Magazine and read their review on the up and coming vintage clothing collector...Jean Johnstone! The gal with killer instincts for high end vintage fashion. Don't get in her way at your local thrift store. She is ruthless when it comes to finding the top end labels for her out for her...Can you imagine her at a Paris resale shop?

Here are some fun vintage gems! Awesome!

Do you notice a pattern here?

Jim's Cebe goggles from his younger days.....

Mother in Laws actual ski boots.....Priceless!

Mother in Laws actual runner sled....Priceless!

Kids ski boots given to us from a friend. (they were going to throw them out) Blasphemy!

My growing Skier Figurine collection from my Mom!

Handknit Mittens from Margie! Great find!

Vintage Ski Sweater that Kathy got me....isn't it cute?

And a few more goodies...

Book from Dad...

Sewing machine...found...I am not telling where!

Doll house Mom found at a garage sale for $5 bucks I believe...worth about $150.00 in antique store!

Poster Tess gave to me a couple years ago because of our addiction to fiber arts!

Dad's sweater...yes, they gave it to me...I guess he hadn't worn it in a while. I think he had someone make it for him. Classic!

Ok....I could add a ton more...but we want to hear about your "vintage" collecting stories!
Drop us a comment!

until next time....Anne


  1. That dollhouse is fantastic and for $5!

  2. I know! She was so excited to find it because she had seen them in antique stores for waaayyyy more! Thanks for commenting! I am checking out your blog and shop! Anne

  3. Nice post Anner. I started looking around the house now. Yep,I have the gene as well. Tess

  4. Great post Anne Marie and you all know that I have been an avid junker for as long as I can remember.
    I know I have the gene and I'm proud of it!!

  5. Love vintage - see my post from late November - "Vanna of Vintage"