Monday, March 8, 2010

Launching Vintage Stalkers Etsy Store

Stalkers? It's not a bad word when it comes to locating that perfect vintage piece.

There are a couple of definitions which are: someone who walks with long stiff strides or someone who stalks wild game or yet another one is someone who prowls and sneaks about. I prefer....gals who are browsing at junk shops in a relaxed manner while on the prowl for awesome vintage finds. No worries...there is enough to go around for everybody. Look at what people throw out these days. We just happen to have an eye for the good stuff and for the current trends in vintage. Plus we are saving these items from the landfill and creating a new use for them.

'wire egg basket'

So, since we are doing this vintage stalking anyway we decided to set up shop and sell some of our wonderful finds. The sisters have been at this for years and like I mentioned in a previous post it is in our DNA strand structure. We all have our own styles of what we like...I happen to love vintage ski items, old books and funky containers. When I am out scouting around I pick what appeals to me be it a color, a particular material or something nostalgic that brings back memories.

'some of my favorite books'

That is what it is all about. Sure there are plenty of places you can find "new" items that are made to look old but we think it is more fun to find the "real old stuff". There is always something out there from the past that was made so well and still has life in it. It may show signs of wear and tear, have rust all over it or have dents and dings but that is what makes it look so awesome.

Let us....vintage stalkers be your personal pickers for funky and fun items. You don't have to do the work! We will help those lost vintage items find a new life in your home! You can find a new purpose for an old item.....

'tile made in England'

So...take a minute and check out our new shop...and check back often since you never know what we will find!

Until next time......


  1. I like your shop! Very cool! I'm new to selling vintage and also just recently opened an Etsy shop. I look forward to learning all about vintage and antiques, but there is so much to learn! I think it will be a never-ending process.

  2. Thanks for posting RainyPenguinVintage! I am off to check out your shop! Good luck on Etsy! :) Anne

  3. Nice site! I am really interested in your vintage stuff. I will keep checking back. Tess