Monday, November 15, 2010

Navajo Hogan

This hogan was located in our cutting unit way up Black Rock Canyon in Canyon de Chelly National Monument. The hogans were used by Navajo's and are found all over the reservation. The door will always be on the east side of the building. Some hogans are still in use today and they are even bigger than they were originally built. Typically if you see an abandoned hogan, there was a death and they left the body in there as a tomb. It is known to never enter a hogan after it's abandoned. In this hogan, a small baby had died and so the parents had abandon it. The land owner told me that they spent there childhood up in the area of this hogan and nobody ever bothered it, except for these two donkeys. Tess

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  1. Thanks really touching Tess. The photograph really captures that feeling well.