Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Already February of 2010...Is Anybody Out There?

Time is flying by as usual. I figured the Etsy shops might be slow but it has been super slow motion lately. Valentine's Day has come and gone. Not many people are buying. I was wondering if it was either paying off the Christmas bills, the infamous TAX TIME, or just the economy in general. I am hoping that it picks up sometime real soon. I have been stocking up the shop even though there seems to be no one buying. Hard to motivate to make things but we should keep on going regardless!

I have listed a few cotton crocheted bowls in my shop which are kind of different and fun. I have been thinking about some new ideas. I don't know what they are yet but I will keep you posted if something new comes up! This might be the perfect time to figure it out!

Here is a photo of the cotton bowl in a natural color...

And a super bright green!

Using a different fiber and crocheting instead of knitting has been kind of fun!
100% cotton is wonderful to work with and I might do more things with it...

Anyway...not much more for now! Keep creating and let's hope there is a jump start in the economy real soon!

Until next time....Anne


  1. Anner, Love your bowls!!!!!!!!!! Your right, it's tax time. Some extra money floating around will be nice. See you soon. Tess

  2. I really like the cotton bowls. Have you thought a about selling at shops in Idaho Springs? Another idea would be to see if the Blue Cottage would carry a few - she does take at 25% commission. But some with an Easter theme would sell now, I bet!