Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hovland Lumber Mora, Minnesota

I just recently took a trip up to Minnesota to visit family and relatives. I ended up skiing the 42 km race while I was home. I skied with my sister Ang. The following day, I spent some time up at my cabin and then went to retrieve my Blash Ash paneling that was stored out at Hovland Lumber. It turned out real nice. I have always been attracted to black and white ash, especially when it's planed. The grain is really beautiful on the boards. I hope to do some wainscoting or put it up on the ceilings. There is only 484 board feet so It won't go to far but just to get some wood that came off of your land is pretty cool. Well, it's still stored in Minnesota now so we'll see how long it takes to actually get to Colorado.
Hovland lumber has been around for a long time. I spent a lot of time there when I was younger. The mill has gotten bigger and they have added some other components to the mill, namely the planer and edger. This tooling has made it possible for Eric and Einar to make tongue and groove paneling. After talking to Einar Hovland last week, the business has been slow because of the housing slump. This affects business owner's in small towns like Mora Minnesota. Hopefully the economy will rebound and business will increase in the next few months. If you need paneling, rough boards building supplies, or specialty pieces (Bar counters), Hovland Lumber is the place to go for all your lumber needs.

Black Ash Species

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Milled by Hovland Lumber

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  1. Nice story on the Hovland Lumber. Brought back a lot of memeories seeing the barn. Spent a lot of time out there before lumber got big and dairy cows was the hit.