Friday, October 30, 2009

The Desert Clutch

OK! I have been bugging Margie and Anner for some time about mixing leather with felted objects. I tried a bag last year and my friend Marilyn did the stitching for me. So, i decided to give it another go and we created this bag that I am calling the Desert Clutch. It seems like the leather color is off with that color felt but it's a start. I also had a vision awhile ago about naming a bag "Johnstone" I know I know, it sounds kind of weird but can you just picture it now. Well made leather bags, just as nice as the popular ones. What is it PRADA???? Who the heck is Prada? Those plastic purses are really weird looking. I think it's all in the name, which is the whole point of this blog. OK, Margie. Anner has made a hat named Badeena so it's your turn. Go for it. Tess


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