Friday, October 30, 2009

Tess Broke the Ice

Cool! Our first couple of posts! Cute items Tess! The photos look great as well. I recently made this cute hat with ear flaps (see photo) that I was going to put in my etsy shop but my daughter Arete stole it right off the mannequins head. Oh well, it looks super cute on her and I made a couple more that are in my shop! I have been on a hat making spree and I will get a bunch more felted bowls and felted nesting bowls sets ready for my shop! Christmas is right around the corner. There are five of us sisters that will be posting on this blog. There will be a variety of topics which will make it fun and interesting! We have interests in vintage, repurposing old items into new fabulous pieces, knitting, scrapbooking, poetry, books, indie, fashion, nature, travel, jewelry making, leather, stones, aromatherapy and the list goes on. Add more if you want girls! This is the tip of the iceberg. Looking forward to the next posting from one of my lovely sisters!! hint hint.....

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  1. No wonder Arete stole it. That is so cute. I think Marilyn is going to buy a few for Diamond and Jade, her Granddaughters. I think I got their names right. Tess