Saturday, October 31, 2009

Total Rusticity

I believe my interest in leather began back in the early 70's when I worked for a leather store on First and Hennepin in downtown Minneapolis. I made some little leather pouches, one of which I still have.
I loved the smell and feel of the leather and still do today.
A happy day for me is when my leather order arrives and I can lay the piece(s) out and plan my strategy for what I will make. I like hides with brand marks and often incorporated them into a particular piece.
I spent several years mostly making leather journals but along with those I am now also making checkbook covers, clutches, phone pouches, coin purses and of course the messenger bag which has grown in popularity.
My look is rustic.
And Tess, I do have one item in my line that has a name attached. That would be the Courtney Clutch. Inspired by a friend Courtney, of course that wanted a larger pouch than than the card/coin pouch. The Courtney has turned out to be a popular item! Thanks Courtney!

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  1. Margie's rustic look is great. I get stopped all of the time in the Twin Cities - people asking about the bags or clutches I carry. She did look at me like I was crazy, however - when I asked her to put a rhinestone broach as a closure on my new pebbled black clutch. Not done yet, but it will be "Maaaah-velous"! Kathy