Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Been A While!

I think we are all recovering from the holidays and are playing catch up so we haven't been blogging lately. The last post was about the Johnstone Tree Farm and it included a really cool video that Kathy made. A big thank you to GGG, our guest blogger for writing up the post about the tree farm. Lots of good times were had over the years "Up North" at the family deer shack. One thing we forgot to mention was the story about Tess and our sister Barbara pruning Christmas trees on the same tree. Bad idea...Tess has a funny looking finger that was almost sliced off by Barbara with the pruning shears. An accident of course...but she does have the reminder of that day by the shape of her middle finger. It has a permanent 'flipping the bird' look to it. The story she told me was that a t-shirt was wrapped around it and she went back to pruning trees. Now that is devotion! But hopefully they went to separate trees!

I think we all had a nice holiday break though. Tons of drinking, cookie eating, weight gain. Tess and I did do some back country and cross country skiing that was a lot of fun. It took the guilt out of all the excessive eating and drinking. Here is a photo of us at Jones Pass. A nice long hike up and a fast descent down. What a gorgeous day it was!

Anyway, my plan is to get my shop stocked back up and to keep on enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. What are your plans?

Until next time.....Anne

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  1. Looks like a beautiful day. My Loveland ski passes are burning a hole in my pocket, and I want to find a March (long) weekend to come out!