Saturday, January 23, 2010

Old ranch in Southwest Colorado

This is my neighbor's land up on Summit Ridge. The Mtns on the horizon are Mesa Verde National Park and the Ute Mtn Ute land. The majority of the people that settled the summit ridge area are Hispanic and ranched primarily cattle and sheep. There are a lot of sheep herders around this area though. They typically take their sheep up in the high country in the summer months and bring them back down in the winter.

The Pyranese, Border Collie, and Australian shepherd dogs are very popular down in the Montezuma, Western slope, and San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado. There are a lot of Pyranese dogs that guard herds up near the LaPlata and Lizard Head Mtns as well. The Great Pyranese has always been a favorite dog breed of mine, and when one landed on my doorstep in 2005, I had no choice but to adopt it. She (Poncha) had a brother but was either killed or run over. Poncha is a real lovable dog, although she licks a lot and has a mind of her own. She is actually a Pyranese mixed breed. If you ever have a herd of sheep and need to protect your herd from wolves, coyotes, or other predator's, get yourself a Great Pyranese.


  1. I love that view from your place Tess. I will never forget our bike ride back there last summer looking out over that view. Wow! Spectacular! Very nice with the snowy mt. top.

  2. Sine the Australian shepherd is popular there - perhaps you would like Rookie to join you? I can ship him out ;-)

  3. Is that what Rookie is? I wasn't sure. There is plenty of room to run. Tess