Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back to "Class" at the Kennedy School

We are heading to Portland, Oregon this morning to visit GGG's oldest son and his lovely significant other. This is a repeat of last December's trip to this fabulous city.

We will be making a return visit to The Kennedy School - one of the very unique McMenamin properties. This is wonderful school was built in about 1915 in a trend-setting single story design. It was saved from the wrecking ball in 1997 by McMenemins and local supporters. Check the website for more history - it is fascinating!

In my former career as North Dakota's 'chief lunch lady', I traveled to Portland and other cities frequently. But traveling for work - especially with little guys at home - left no extra time for exploring destination areas. I am enjoying travel much more now, since it is a true vacation.

I wasn't able to check out the school lunch program (I instinctively head for the lunch room when I get to a school) at the Kennedy School last year because the cafeteria has been transformed into a restaurant for hotel guests. But in addition to other art in the building, we came across this vintage National School Lunch Week poster. I just had to have my photo taken by it - for old time's sake!

We are really looking forward to another stay at this fun place - and showing it to our traveling companions, Deb and Rick. I can hardly wait to see the 18' spruce Christmas tree in the lobby, and a visit to the "Boiler Room Bar". We will be 'sleeping in class' again this year - as the classrooms are the hotel suites. They retain the original blackboards, have plenty of chalk for doodling, and are loaded with charm.

This hotel is a Portland treasure, and I highly recommend it! More later....


  1. That sounds cool. Didn't you get snowed out last year or was that a different trip. Tess

  2. Yes, we did - this was was fabulous, but cold.