Monday, December 7, 2009

Pearl Harbor

It seems like when this day comes around, I think of all the soldiers and citizens that went through this surprise attack from Japanese zeros on Dec 7, 1941. In 2005, we finally got to see the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. We went to the visitor center early in the morning and got in line to visit the Memorial out in the bay. We ended up being the last two to get on the launch for the first wave of visitors.
Once we got out there, we got off the boat and walked around the Memorial and nobody said a word. For nearly a half hour, we just looked into the water and onto the shores of where the USS Arizona was moored. The boat was resting on the bottom of the bay and you could see the hull but that is about it. We could see the docks where all the battleships were. The Arizona was not the only ship that got hit. There were a lot of fatalities on the other ships as well. If I remember right, the Park Rangers told us that a lot of the larger carriers were out to sea so it could have been a lot worse than it was.

If this isn't on your bucket list of things to do, I would highly recommend a visit. Tess

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  1. Great story Tess, thanks for sharing. Very moving. I've heard similar stories from others about their visits to the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.