Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dolls, Dolls and more Dolls....

When I was a kid I did not want to have anything to do with dolls, dresses or anything 'girly'. Bring up this topic to my Mom and she will tell you...I was a pill. I remember First Communion when I refused to wear the traditional white dress. My Mom, exasperated by her youngest daughter, finally relented by letting me wear a lovely corduroy green blazer and pant ensemble. I was so tres sheik in my Dorothy Hamill haircut and boyish blazer. I figured she had plenty of girls to dress up all feminine and frilly. I was the last girl and she did have six other girls to play dress up with. (just joking Mom) I was such a Tom Boy that the only dolls I would play with were the Johnny and Jane West dolls which were dolls straight out of a western movie scene. Click on the link to check out the commercial which is pretty funny. I did love these dolls, horses and all of the accessories they came with. I have seen them in antique stores with very high price tags. I suppose a person could check out Ebay for one of these retro items...*pondering if one needs a Jane West doll*

Anyway, I found this great site with information about the history of the Kewpie doll. Tess recently posted about her kewpie doll and I did some further research on the subject. Check out the "Margie" kewpie doll isn't she sweet? Did I just say a doll looked sweet? But seriously, isn't she sweet? Ok...truth be known, I don't mind dolls but only the ones handmade by my Grandmas and of course the Tom Boy dolls from the Marx Toy Company.

Our Grandmas were very artistic, crafty and talented. They gave their daughters and granddaughters many dolls over the years and I have a few in my home. The two women had totally different styles but were equally as talented. Grandma Stafford hand stitched all of the detailing on her doll clothes. Incredible!

Here are two photos showing their different doll making styles. The doll in the long gown is a president's wife (I believe) and was made by my Grandma Stafford...does she look familiar to anyone? The little girl doll with freckles and hand crocheted dress was made by my Grandma Fritche. Isn't she cute?

If there is anyone who knows about the history of the kewpie doll or loves to make dolls...send us a comment...we would love to hear from you. Of course I would love to hear about anyone else who was obsessed with Johnny and Jane West dolls...

I will close for now so I can go have "flashbacks" about playing with my Tom Boy dolls, with my Dorothy Hamill haircut and dreaming of the day I could get a real horse. ahhh those were the days...

Until next time...Anne


  1. Oh, does that doll look familiar. Is it Martha Washington. I will post mine when I get home to Colorado. The kewpie doll named Margie was cute. Our sister Margie made mention about the Betty Boop doll, which was also made by Cameo. I also remembered that Anner had a collection of those horses that are probaly priceless now. Tess

  2. Check out the link to see a bunch of the dolls they made. The Betty Boop is in there! Did you see the Johnny West commercial from the link? Funny! Jane can shoot guns and has a make up bag! Hilarious!

  3. HI Anner.Wow. I didn't know there was so much on the sisters site!! I see I have some reading to do.
    I like the doll story.
    I have Scarlet O Hara and a couple others. Nip's aunt also made porcelin dolls and her and grandma compared notes at one time and she visited her shop where she actually made the porcelin dolls.

  4. Is Scarlett O hara the one Grandma made? Tess

  5. Hey girls, I, like Anner usually had better things to do when I was young than play with dolls....like make believe western "cowgirl" stuff out in the sumacs, probably what is now Dave and Pam's backyard, or galloping in "The Valley of the Horses" on our trusty mounts.I did have a Barbie Doll though that was outfitted with beautiful clothes created by Grandma Stafford. And....I have an old photo of one of my doll birthday cakes that Grandma Stafford once made for our birthdays.
    Let's talk about horses next!!