Monday, December 21, 2009

Hand Dyed Wool Turned Felted Stash Bowl

In a previous post I talked about my adventures with hand dying wool with black walnuts. I managed to turn the wool into something and I wanted to share it. Imagine that...a felted bowl! The color ended up being much lighter than I wanted but it is a lovely winter white.

Containers, organizers, declutter baskets, stash bowls, jewelry holder...I just can't seem to get enough of these. I have felted bowls all over the place in my house. I am surprised that I can keep my shop stocked up because my daughter steals all the cute ones she wants to keep.

On this bowl I added a little leather lacing for embellishment which can be used to hang earrings! (a shout out to my mother in law for that idea)

I have other felted stash bowls in my Etsy shop in which I have added embellishments. It adds a little character to each bowl. I have also been making personalized bowls with names, inspirational words and so on. I recently made one for a customer with her business name on it...kind of fun!

Check out the funky earrings (see photo) that I made for my daughter.

They are felted swirls in her favorite color and the other pair is a chain of felted circles. She told me recently that people at school tell her she has the coolest earrings. She is still young enough to admit to her friends that her Mom made them. I will take the compliments from her while I can...teenage years are right around the corner.

Until next time...Anne

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