Thursday, December 10, 2009

Creating a Treasury on

I have been working on putting together a treasury on Etsy. Etsy is a site where you can set up shop and sell your handmade goods. It is an awesome site and there are tons of talented people selling on this site. A treasury is a list of sixteen items plus four alternate items that you choose. It is not for self promotion but to show case other wonderful sellers. The other great reason to create one or be featured in one is that they sometimes make it to the Front Page of Etsy. This is like striking gold for the handmade seller. If people can see you featured on the main page then there is a chance of success which is wonderful!

I of course included my two sisters who have shops which are kmgrafsgaard and mjstoneleather. They are super talented and make wonderful items! Kathy specializes in devotional beaded jewelry such as rosaries which are spectacular. Her inspiration comes from the Great Lakes region where she spends tons of time. This region feeds her soul and it comes across in her jewelry pieces. A popular seller for her are the Psalm 23 bracelets which are breathtaking. Margie has been in love with leather for as long as I can remember. She still gets giddy every time her shipment of leather arrives in the mail. She worked for Berman's in Minneapolis which was established originally in the late 1800's as a hide and raw fur dealer. This is a great indicator that her items are made from pure L*O*V*E. Check out their links or click through to their shops from our blog. Maybe Margie will fill us in on the history of the Berman's company which eventually became Wilson's Leather.

In my search for treasury items I have discovered shops that make items with stones, metal, fibers, beads, leather and much more. One particular shop I found while browsing around was ConnectedElements. This gal is from northern Minnesota and her shop consists of jewelry pieces that are made from stones, different metals, glass and the items are truly unique and interesting. Another shop I found called LimeGreenModern is based in Colorado. She makes very modern and simple silver jewelry pieces which are classic and stylish.

Yet another shop is LinenMe...she has purchased from me in the past and is from Lithuania. She makes linens to die for! I love her linen hand made scarves and hope to purchase one from her someday soon.

I am having a couple of problems in creating my treasury and that is waiting for a spot to open up. You have to wait until the treasury number drops to 333 which is a bit difficult to have the patience and time for. The second is deciding who to include since there are hundreds of incredible shops to choose from. I did find a helpful tool called poster sketch where you can make a "sample" of your list and arrange it like you want. This helps a lot so when you do get a spot you are ready to go.

Wish me luck and hopefully I will snag a treasury spot very soon.

Until next time....Anne


  1. Thanks for the great blog. I know Kathy will agree. You are right, I love to see that long, not- so-big-in-diameter box sitting on my deck when I get home at night as happened tonight. I unroll the hide and begin to plan my strategy.Esty is a wonderful sight.I've been a seller for almost 1 year, and I can say the people that I have met whether selling or buying have been fabulous! Everyone should check it out.The talent in our world is unbelievable!! AM, you are right, I LOVE LEATHER!!

  2. hey thanks for finding me on etsy and giving me a little plug! Great blog...BTW!
    Candy from Connected Elements

  3. Thanks Candy! Love your shop...such fun items! Talented people from Minnesota! Anne

  4. I will have to check out these new websites you found. I like all three of them. Tess