Sunday, December 13, 2009

Felted Nesting Bowls Featured in a EtsyTreasury!

Sorry, I don't mean to 'toot my own horn' but I thought it was interesting that I had just written about creating a treasury and then I was featured in one. Happy Day!

Recently I wrote about creating a treasury on Etsy which is a website where you can sell your handmade items.
Today I received a message from TheVintageBearLair informing me that she selected my felted nesting bowls for her treasury. How fun! I thought I would go ahead and mention a few of the other sellers that were selected. Some of the sellers that stood out for me were Stemellina from Athens Greece. The photo of the felted necklace is listed in her shop. Her items are gorgeous! She creates felted brooches, earrings, hair pins and much more.

Another seller lisazain has a pair of vintage suede oxford lace up pumps listed in her shop. How fun are they? She has vintage shoes, bags and other fun items.

Etsy, besides being a place to sell handmade items, is also a site that has lots of vintage shops. The items have to be older than 20 years...hey girls...maybe we should look through our closets to see what cool items are hiding in there.

One more shop that is super fun in this treasury is Blubies. This seller creates cute cuddly creatures with socks and felt. She is inspired by her surroundings in the Blue Mountains of Australia. I will definitely be researching this region to learn more about it. Check out these fun shops on Etsy and let's continue to support the handmade community. There is something for everyone!

Here is the link for the treasury...Check it out ...
Possum Season Treasury

Until next time...Anne


  1. Congratulations!! That must be exciting! Your shop always looks so fun, fresh and inviting. You deserve It!!Margie

  2. Thanks! It is always fun to see all the other shops in the treasuries too. There are so many talented artists on etsy!

  3. You have to blow your own horn. No one else wants to put their lips on it.....;). Nice job!