Saturday, November 7, 2009

Art in Toilet Paper

We are coming to the end of a bathroom remodel - several months of planning and work, and several thousand dollars. We are asking ourselves - how can you spend this much on a 4' x 4' bathroom??
Well, it's lovely and worth it.

My friend Jackie specializes in kitchen and bath design, and oversaw the project for us. When I was getting ready to purchase the light fixture and shelf from Pottery Barn - we looked at the other pieces in the collection....TP holder, shelves and towel racks of every size, and hooks. I was getting ready to hit the 'send' button on the order and Jackie said "WAIT". Why are we doing this? You are not a match-y / match-y sort of person - why don't you look on etsy for your tissue holder and towel ring? "Why not, indeed?", I said.

Not that I don't love Pottery Barn, but now I know about Boone's Hooks!

I found this wonderful hand-forged TP holder and a matching towl ring made by M. Smyth Boone of Paonia, CO. Smyth, as it turns out, is an 18th generation master artist/blacksmith - and a direct descendant of the famous pioneer Daniel Boone! Not only is he a fabulous artist, but very friendly and customer oriented. He accidentally sent a towel bar instead of the ring, and offered a complimentary hook for my trouble (no trouble!) in returning the wrong piece.

I did mapquest Paonia and discovered that Boone's Hooks is located mid-way between sisters Anne and Tess in Colorado. Now, how would we find talented and dedicated artists such as Smyth - if not for etsy?

So, the bathroom is filled with wonderful art including a cherry vanity and mirror handcrafted by my brother Mark, a pottery bowl by Morris Pottery an artists proof of a whip poor will by Michigan artist Ladislav Hanka. This is the same artist whose work (fish) is featured on the Bell's Two-Hearted beer bottles! And of course - the wonderful toilet paper holder and towel ring by Smyth Boone!

This is currently the best room in the house - and I'm wondering how we will fit everyone in at the holidays? Kathy

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