Saturday, November 7, 2009

Using Wonderful Materials

I am continually amazed at how certain strands of beads 'speak to me'. I found a strand of rough cut abalone at a local shop, and knew that I had to have it. My thought was to send the strand to friend Lila in Bismarck - see Dog Day Studio - for her to make a custom design for me. I have purchased her wonderful designs for many years. But alas...she is not doing that much custom work these days.

So the strand sat around, and I kept looking at it and holding it. The abalone is rough on one side - the outside of the shell. The other side has the wonderful and iridescent shades of cream, taupe - and soft green. I also had a strand of new jade serpentine around that I purchased to make a rosary bracelet. This gemstone is a beautiful pale green, and the beads are in a pebble shape.

They go perfectly together, and when combined with large filligree bronze beads and strung on a bronze chain - make a great piece! This is a super long necklace that can be worn as is - or wrapped 2-3 times. It is lightweight and fun! I am in the process of finishing matching earrings and a bracelet.

Beautiful materials inspire us to create! I have learned over the years that if a strand of beads or focal point piece 'talks' to you - it is a great idea to take it home with you. You are meant to be together! Kathy

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