Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sweet Breads

We were invited to our neighbors last Sunday night and they had the recipe books out on the table trying to figure out some ideas to make for Christmas gifts. Well, other than knitting and buying some cheap gifts for the kids, I was thinking of doing some baking. I know that this is nothing new but I had never really baked during the Holidays. This year I will try some sweet bread and maybe some type of dessert to make for my close friends down here. Other than fruit cake, does anyone have any other ideas for baking over the Holiday? Thanks, Tess


  1. You really need to make those cranberry walnut bars that I did last weekend. I will send the recipe to your email. Cranberry bread is also very festive.

  2. Oh, and Matt's absolute favorite - and super simple "Toffee". This keeps well in the freezer - if you can keep your hands off it. I'll send that too.