Sunday, November 8, 2009

Native American Flute played by William Yazzie

My dear friend and co-worker William asked me to come to his presentation in Chinle. He plays twice a week, typically drumming and playing his flute. He is Navajo but is familiar with playing a wide array of music from the Colorado Plateau. He is one of these guys that is good at everything. He has traveled all over the world with his playing. Most recently he traveled to Iwo Jimo with one of the code talkers that stills lives in Chinle.
If you ever come to Canyon de Chelly, you have to see William play. I am sure that you have heard about the Navajo sense of humor? Well, William is a comedian. He had this elder hostel group laughing so hard, they were almost crying. William is married to gal from Pojoaque, New Mexico. Their children are half mexican half Navajo. Tess


  1. That is awesome! Where is his head? :)

  2. My Sony camera's flash was broken so I didn't think it worked until I hooked it up later. I know it's kind of weird but at least we heard him play. Tess