Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kylemore Castle County Galway Ireland

Kylemore Castle located in Connemara, County Galway, Ireland is the photo in the previous post. My sister and I visited this gorgeous castle while in on a trip to Ireland in 2008. It was built for a wealthy Englishman in 1868 and used as a private home. In 1920 it was bought by Irish Dames of Ypres a Benedictine Order of Nuns that were originally from Belgium and fled there during World War I. The abbey is now home to girls boarding school called Kylemore Abbey International Girl's School although we found out while on our visit there it will be closing soon. We did not tour the inside because of a time crunch if I remember correctly. Trying to circle the island in two weeks meant we had to keep on the move. The castle is set up against a beautiful hillside with gardens, lakes and woodlands. This is also the region where Connemara marble is found which is a lovely green marble. It is used to make all kinds of items such as beads, pendants, candle holders, crosses and so much more! A gorgeous stone that is unique to the Connemara region. If you ever get to Ireland make sure to stop here. The photo is a beautiful lake where the castle/abbey is located. Enjoy... Anne


  1. I have actually ordered Connemara marble beads to make a rosary!! Kathy

  2. Cool. It is beautiful marble. I bought a chunk when we were there.