Friday, November 6, 2009

Connemara Marble Ireland's Gem

Connemara marble, a 600 million year old piece of metamorphic limestone rock found only in Ireland! THAT ROCKS! as my husband with the dry sense of humor would say. Yuk, yuk, yuk... It gets old after a while believe me...we just have to keep telling everyone not to laugh at him but it just makes it worse. Anyway, back to the marble...I have a piece of it I picked up in Ireland (not exactly picked up...bought) and I love it. Problem is, I haven't done anything with it yet. It has a neat hole drilled at the top and is begging to be made into a pendant with sterling silver or something awesome like that. I suppose I should hint around to the jewelry designer in the family and see what happens...
This marble is said to bring serenity...NO...not senility! I know what you all were thinking, just admit it. "Connemara Marble brings on senility". HaHaHaaa. Serenity, which is by definition, the absence of mental stress or anxiety and would be wonderful for the whole world to have, don't ya think? I know, I am dreaming again, head in the clouds, senility is closing in...but it is a nice thought anyway. Ok, back to the marble once again. Awesome rock, found only in Ireland, rare, serenity, gorgeous, green and white...What more do we need to know? The only thing I need to know is if I can hit my sis up to make it into something fabulously cool! Until next time....Anne


  1. I really loved the Connemara region of Ireland. Why I didn't buy a piece of it is beyond me. I think i was drooling over the tweed or something. Not sure but I think it goes really good with my eyes, since i have green eyes. He He!!!!!!!!!! Christmas is coming. Tess

  2. Send it my way! We'll figure out something.