Friday, November 13, 2009

Just another day on the job!

When I am not knitting and gardening, I have another job where they pay me. Ha! We spent the entire week burning the slash piles that we created all summer long. The weather was beautiful. It was probably high 60's low 70's all week long and the guys and myself burned nearly 56 acres worth of piles. We even worked on Veterans Day. The slash that we are burning is made up of Tamarisk (salt cedar) and Russian olive species. These species were planted in the canyon in the 30's to prevent erosion. Little did they know back then, that the canyon would be filled with these species. The main problem is that they suck up an incredible amount of water. The channel incision is so deep because of the canyon being chocked out by these species. The Park officials decided that they wanted to "restore" the canyon back so that the native grasses, forbes, and tree species could thrive providing habitat for wildlife and open range.

The Park is still considered tribal land but the Park Service takes care of tourism and protection in the canyon. The locals call the canyon the "The living community".
I am glad that I am able to help them restore their lands back to it's original state.



  1. Sometimes I wish I could light fires at my work! ;0)

  2. Yeah, they pay me to do this. I guess after all the prep work that i have to do, it's worth it. Tess