Sunday, November 1, 2009

Baltic Top Roving

Last summer Anner and I went to the Pagosa Wool Festival in Pagosa Springs, Co. We learned a bit more about spinning, primarily wool from sheep, alpaca, and Llamas. We got to see hand looms, spinning wheels, and some drop spindles. I bought a drop spindle and I tried it out. There is definitely an art to it.
Well, my friend Marilyn said that her Mom could help me spin my roving so I gave it to her and she spun a wonderful yarn out of it. I told her to keep it so she used it in one of her rugs.
This time I am going to have Marilyn spin it on her Mom's spindle (Navajo Spindle). Once she is done plying it, I will knit a hat for my co-worker who is originally from the Phillippines. Stay tuned for the end product. The pattern is "fair argyle cap" by Erda Kappeler. You might be able to see it but if not, I will post it when i get it done. If you cut and paste All New Homespun Handknit and go to page 4, that is the hat. I might add that Anner has tested different natural dyes on some of her yarns. This summer I would like to collect a bit more for her so she can do some more dying on the natural fibers. Tess

All New Homespun Handknit

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