Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leather Messenger Bags and Clutches

After years of making leather journals I decided to start making leather messenger bags as well. A few years
ago I took a piece of leather that was far too shiny for my taste and cut the pattern pieces, and using the backside or sueded finish on the outside, created my very first messenger bag. The bag measured 9" W by 13" H. The flap is cut on the jagged edge of the hide if I can and I use an antler button for the closure. The shoulder strap is about 48" in length and long enough to sling across the body.
Once people started to see the rather rough-looking bag the orders started coming in. In fact my sister Kathy was my first customer. I did make one more bag ahead of hers to "iron" out the details.
With this pattern I can create a bag that is longer than wider, or wider that longer using the same pattern. Those familiar with the bags hear me refer to them as vertical or horizontal.
I like to cut the flaps for the bags on the jagged edge of the hide if I can and use antler buttons for the closures. I have upon request used vintage buttons for the closures.
I wish that I would have kept track of how many of these bags I have made. The orders keep coming in and I have made several that are larger than th 9" x 13" and at times, smaller.
Photographed here is my own black messenger bag (horizontal) with an exterior pocket ,and of course antler buttons.
Another style that has been popular is the clutch. The clutch in the photograph I made for myself the night before my brothers wedding. It matched my outfit perfectly. Here I used a vintage button for the closure.

I hope to return to the drawing table this winter a create some new styles for 2010. After all we have to constantly keep reinventing ourselves.

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  1. I love those bags! Is that yours? Love the black!