Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival

Tess mentioned the Pagosa Springs Fiber festival that we attended last May. I thought I would go ahead and post a couple of photos of our fun filled weekend. It was kind of a small festival but that seemed to give it tons of character (right Tess?). Pagosa Springs is a gorgeous mountain town that is always fun to visit! It seems we drive through the area quite often and I am still amazed at just how beautiful the countryside is. After a good dinner at Kip's Grill and Cantina then a few microbrews later at Pagosa Springs Brewery we were in full on "chillin" mode. The next morning we got up and headed to the festival. Like Tess mentioned, we saw a lot of spinning, fiber, sheep, alpaca and even a Scottish Highland cow which are pretty interesting looking.
And look at that alpaca...don't you just want to just take that little cutie home? The gals and guys that spin and work with different kinds of fibers were amazing! We met a neat gal from Salida Colorado area that made handwoven items that were exquisite. I think if I have time to go to this festival again I would do it. A very relaxing environment and plenty of camping in the nearby National Forest makes it an easy and fun weekend. Plus, if we had time we could have hiked, mountain biked, dipped in the hot springs or rafted down the San Juan River! Maybe next time? Anne


  1. How could i forget that Highlands cow that they had. Wow. By the way, Jeanette wants to know when we are going to Scotland? Tess

  2. Do you think Dave would let me keep an Alpaca on the patio?? Just during the day of course. At night he could come in and sleep with Rookie!