Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vintage Dolls

I don't know how many people admit to playing with dolls but we all know now that Anner and my Mom play with their dolls. I was looking for a doll to give to Avery and I found one that I got a long time ago from Grandma Stafford. I knew I had the dolls but they were in a box in the shed so I decided to drag them out. It has to be old but I haven't really researched it yet. This doll might looked familiar to some of you. If you know the history, feel free to elaborate.
I also remember a doll that was in Grandma and Grandpa's house at Mud Lake. Her name was Clatilda. She now belongs to Margie. Tess


  1. Yes, Clatilda is safe and sound in a tote at my house. Right now there is not a good place to have her out on display, so I thought it best to put her in a Rubbermaid and burp the lid.
    I can still see her sitting at the end of the hallway right next to my bedroom. Those eyes just staring......she scared me back then.
    This doll is not familiar to me. Can't help you out on the history.

  2. When I was home last year, we went out the house at Mud Lake and the one thing Ann remembered was Clatilda. How she sat in that chair at the top of the stairs. That scared me as well. Does Clatilda get out of her rubbermaid so she can play. Yikes, that's scary. Tess