Saturday, November 28, 2009

Drop Spindle

I finally got the roving back from Marilyn last week. She spun the first round on this Baltic top merino and told me that I should take a crack at it. If you remember from one of the blogs, Marilyn used her Mom's Navajo Spindle, which is a lot bigger than the one I have. It looks a lot easier watching ladies spin on a spinning wheel but it was fun. The thing about spinning is that you get totally engaged in it and you don't think about much else. I had the music going and it was probably about 68 degrees or so. This yarn is a bit chunky and slubby. The definition of slubby is where you get kind of a thick and thin or at least that is what I gathered from the gal I bought the spindle from. We'll see how it comes out after I knit that hat. I think Anner said she might have some lime colored accent yarn that I will do the fair Isle with. Stay tuned for the finished product. Tess

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