Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vannas of Vintage

The women in our family and many of my friends have a shared interest in vintage. We love to re-use, re-purpose and find great bargains. I found this fantastic green glass serving dish for $1.00 at a very secret junk store. I used it today to tote cranberry - walnut bars to a gathering with girlfriends. This is so 1950's !! I can just see the original owner - a woman wearing heels and a little apron serving her cocktail party guests.

We "Vannas of Vintage" are continually spinning the Wheel of Fortune to find another perfect treasure.

One of my friends shared her practice of buying inexpensive bowls or plates and delivering food to a pot-luck or party - and telling the host to 'keep the dish' ! She has done this with small covered casseroles found for little or nothing. Bringing warm apple crisp and leaving the casserole dish it was prepared in is a great way for your host family to remember your special time together, and the special friend who left her treasure!

Just look at that handle!

Vintage is interesting, unique, generally high quality. It has history, and can be a conversation piece. I love the retro look of glassware and cookware. Old linens are very fun as well. Clothing generally runs smaller than today's sizes, but the place I often look for vintage ( is very good about giving detailed measurements. Several high quality photos are generally provided, and a disclosure about things that the seller wishes shoppers to know before purchase. I have never been disappointed.

This morning I purchased a pair of grey suede Salvatore Ferragamo flats (1970's) for $20 on I know that they will be smashing, and I didn't need to go near a mall - which is perfect. And I'm supporting an 'at-home' business - which make me feel good.

The Blue Cottage in Mora, MN is a great place to find re-purposed household goods and some clothes. It is a wonderful place to shop for gifts, as well. It is lots of fun to find a little item that is perfect for that special friend. Last weekend I grabbed a comfortable, crisp white shirt for myself for $4.00. If you need to down-size at home, places such as the Blue Cottage are a great place to consign. Plus - it's just downright fun.

The "Vannas of Vintage" are in full swing this holiday season - being thrifty, earth-friendly and supporting small businesses. Most importantly - having a great time! Kathy


  1. I agree, using and passing on vintage pieces is the way to go. I have a pretty nice collection of luncheon sets, a glass plate of various shapes with a matching cup.The plates are divided to hold the cup and a couple of other foods such as chicken salad, Jello,nuts and mints, are you with me? And some even had a section with the perfect indention to hold ones cigarette. Can you imagine?? I've been waiting for the perfect occasion to bring them out of storage......maybe someday.

  2. I love that idea of taking a dish for the host to keep! What a great idea!

  3. Hi, it's me Rani (from Rani Knits) I will have some Drops Alpaca left over. I don't think I'll be done with it until Sometime in December. Will this be too late? If you're still interested, I can weigh it and let you know how much is left when I'm done.
    Rani (ps. Are you on Ravelry? I'm "Rani". I'll try to find you there...