Wednesday, November 18, 2009

...Speaking of Playing with Dolls!

What I want to know "Skippy" the Scarecrow ready for Thanksgiving?? He must be, as he was recently spotted sliding down the banister in Mora. Grandma just can't control this guy, and Grandpa is the instigator.

Stay tuned for a full report. There were plenty of antics last year!


  1. Skippy, what can we say? For a year now he's shows up for all the family functions. He was at Dad's 80th Bday party, the Vasaloppet, Easter, He's at the dining room table waiting to be fed. He is like a long lost brother or something. He is dressed for each occasion, he's quiet,and doesn't eat much and keeps all the kids entertained.
    We for sure will keep everyone up to date on Thanksgiving. I'm sure Skippy will be up to some sort of mischief. It's a given. Just look at that face, he's trouble, waiting for a place to happen!

  2. Here I thought I was losing it lol :)
    The kids love that goofy character! What a hoot!

  3. OK, settle down now. I am going to go home and start talking to all my dolls that Grandma Stafford gave me. Can you see me sitting at the dinner table having a conversation with Martha Washington and Dolly Madison?
    Maybe I am losing it also.