Thursday, November 19, 2009

New designs

Why is it that everything comes back into style? I have been trying to design some new hats and sweaters but what I dream up is something that was once popular. But wait, it should come back into style soon. I talked to Anner about some boot toppers, which are knitted boot socks that fold over your " Frye' boots. What else right! Well, it seems as though some people are saying to me that they are " Way 80's and out of style" I say to them that they are just coming back into style. The styles in the early 80's were weird but they are all coming back into style now. This makes it easy to knit up new trendy stuff for gifts, especially for young people. The other styles that I am attracted to are styles from the 20's and 30's. The idea is to knit items for women with curves. All I see in magazines now are models that haven't eaten in 2 years or so and they just look angry. I would be upset to if I had to eat a carrot and a glass of water every day. I think that healthy women are much more attractive, especially if they have a few curves. I am looking for some new ideas for knitting items for women that have curves. I think that I would like to focus on ski clothing. Tess


  1. Sorry about the less than stellar writing at 11:30pm. tess

  2. Being one who still owns a beloved pair of Frye boots from the 70's, I would love to see boot toppers again.
    Granted,my Frye boots now hang on the wall filled with artificial (but tasteful) pine sprigs and pheasant feathers, I truly thought I was the hottest thing going back in the 70's when I worked at Berman Buckskin with my Frye boots, Tumi bags and Farah Fawcett looking hair! Wow!! And Tess, I agree, curves are good. Of course I would say that!! I would not think of surviving on a carrot and a glass of water. Be sure to look at Kathy's recipe for cranberry walnut bars. They are the best!!