Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beaded Bangle (BB Bling)

I created this on a whim this week when I was home unexpectedly with the flu. I had seen something similar in a store - looked at the price tag and thought 'I can make that'. A common refrain in our family. I call it BB Bling. Click the photo to enlarge for detail.

I had the large very light green beads around since last summer. I found them in a dollar bin at a favorite bead store in Marquette Michigan. The store owner didn't even know what they are - and I sure don't. They are a stone, probably not a 'gem' of any kind. They just looked like they had potential. So I combined them with bronze freshwater pearls, rhyolite (the green, one of my favorites), and bronze filigree hearts. Each bead is wire wrapped on a bronze chain. I believe that my materials cost is about $3.00!! As it turns out, this bracelet perfectly matches a wool paisley sweater that I own! And I wore them to work the next day. You can do this too - just drop a comment if you need help! Kathy

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