Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Want a Bedspread Made of Cashmere!

I know, I know...that would be a little expensive right? But a girl can she gazes off into the distance...hhhmmmm..... Cashmere goat fiber comes from the soft undercoat of these particular animals and is super lightweight, soft and warm with out the bulk. While doing some reading on the cashmere goat I found out that the fiber is also called pashmina which is a Persian word for wool (you think I would have already known that considering how much time I spend with regular wool). This pashmina wool was used to make shawls in Kashmir centuries ago, wouldn't we all love to own one of those? I think I will start saving up my money to buy some spun cashmere and knit one myself. Wait a minute, maybe I should buy a cashmere goat and spin up the wool myself, I do live in the mountains and these goats come from the mountains. (excitedly dances around the room!) Slow down, I am getting ahead of myself here. Maybe I should just buy the wool and knit it! Now all I need is money, time and a cool pattern. Any thoughts on where to buy some of this fabulous wool at a fabulous price? I know, I am rambling...not sure how to get on track here. My brain got all jumbled up thinking about cashmere this morning and see what happens...I make no sense. But seriously, if anyone knows a great source for this wonderful fiber I would love to hear from you! If you have any other comments drop me a note!
...slinks off to sulk in the corner until some cashmere appears out of nowhere......Anne

P.S. photo was taken from an online source... honest...I did not go out and buy a goat!


    I don't see hardly any vendors for this fiber but i did read that it's popular in China and Peru. You better just buy a goat. Tess

    Cool Fiber though.

  2. Sounds great! Will you keep it at your house though? :)